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Diploma in Midwifery

Course Name: Diploma in Midwifery

Curriculum Title
Diploma in Midwifery
Degree Awarded
Diploma in Midwifery
Curriculum Goal

This program's goal is to provide the finest learning opportunities in order to develop midwives of the highest caliber who can practice freely within the competencies and practices in the areas defined by the Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council.


Curriculum Design


The curriculum is dynamic with provisions for incorporating emerging health problems and changing

health policies as well as the latest advancements in health sciences. The B. Sc. in nursing curriculum is

designed for BNMC-recognized institutions and incorporate as

(1) General courses

(2) Foundation

courses and

(3) Professional courses for nursing to furnish students with essential and in-depth

knowledge relevant to health and nursing.

The courses are sequenced from year one to year four, from simple to complex, with an attempt to increase student’s competencies over time.