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Bsc in Nursing (Post Basic).

Course Name: Bsc in Nursing (Post Basic).

Curriculum Title
B. Sc. in Nursing
Degree Awarded
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Curriculum Goal

In order to improve the health of everyone in Bangladesh, the Mitu Nursing College program seeks to educate nurse leaders in the fields of nursing practice, education, research, and management. Making the institution a "Center of Excellence" for post-graduate nursing education in the South-East Asian region is its stated goal. 


Curriculum Design


The curriculum is dynamic with provisions for incorporating emerging health problems and changing

health policies as well as the latest advancements in health sciences. The B. Sc. in nursing curriculum is

designed for BNMC-recognized institutions and incorporate as

(1) General courses

(2) Foundation

courses and

(3) Professional courses for nursing to furnish students with essential and in-depth

knowledge relevant to health and nursing.

The courses are sequenced from year one to year four, from simple to complex, with an attempt to increase students’ competencies over time.